by dishpantheism

found a crowling in the yard on a hot morning. it drank and drank from the cat’s saucer. the parents sat in the pine tree yawing for hours for their grounded spawn. it started flopping uncontrollably and i picked it up. heard the rattling in its lungs. it’d drunk so greedily it drowned itself. died in my hands. the parents cawed and panted until long after the sun had gone down.

found a litter of feral kittens at father’s. two calico. one marmalade. three black. serendipitously discovered the word ‘nessletripe’ or ‘nessle-draft’ meaning the runt or weakling of a litter.

dreamed stress dreams. then dreamed nagual dreams. liminal beings. then couldn’t sleep. the news today hasn’t helped insomnia.

decent dates. the urgency somewhat sated even if the conversation wasn’t as stimulating.

northward travel and then travel travel.