by dishpantheism

‘cupani’  sweet peas are blooming in the middle of my vegetable garden. they planted themselves there at the end of summer last year when the old year’s vines dried and the pods dehisced. went out in the evening to check on the state of the ripening cherries and smelled the pea blossoms before i even sighted them. near them a patch of sweet william is blooming. equally spicy. equally purty. buried my face over and over. wondered how they got there.

the last year or so i’ve been saving for another trip abroad. received a message from saint petersburg saying i’d better come visit again or else i’d miss the opportunity for evermore. been planning on romania but it looks like a double entry visa is in my future. always wanted to see more of the baltic countries. october will be a happier month than previously anticipated maybe.

reading books by the score. stalking the shore of the lake. mariposa lilies. larkspur. youngling rabbit. elderflower makes me weak in the knees.

father marks his 86th year at the end of the month. must procure duck eggs for lemon meringue pie. must find him a nice stack of birthday books.