by dishpantheism

the university job has officially ended. well, as officially as that institution is inclined to end things. which means at any moment they might dangle the prospect of another 90 day contract. but to hell with them. my other library job keeps me busy enough. i do miss my students though. i received a really touching text message from one of them passing along a message from the lot of my crew. it was to tell me how they missed me. it did make my heart to melt.

marled yarn arrived. i’ll knit thick wool socks just in time for summer. i banked the tax return from the feds. but i went on a book spree with the state return. i don’t feel even a little guilty. i’m boning up on my YA novels so i’ll be better equipped to offer book recommendations to young patrons. (really!) also nabbed a few cold war era post-apocalyptic sci-fi by female authors. good stuff.

spent the first day of may planting kiwis and bananas. wandered in the woods. tended my apple orchard. caged the young quince and the heartnut against deer. buried my face is roses.