by dishpantheism

i really miss the sun. i’ve always been a nocturnal sort of creature but there are limits. i’m not suited to being a day sleeper. working two jobs doesn’t much suit me either but needs must. so.

i spent time with my nieces last night. the eldest one made me watch a rather gruesome television series. in one scene the police find the remains of someone. or rather they find someone’s severed leg. my niece had already seen the episode so she covered her eyes when the camera panned down. after about ten minutes she said, “aunt mary, what do you think the funeral is like when all they have to bury is a leg? what’s the coffin like?” when i said that the family probably decides to hold a memorial rather than have a casket present she looked thoughtful. then later she said, “i know what i’d do if i were the mortician. i’d build a tiny coffin for it. i’d draw a smily face on the stump end and i’d dress it in a nice shoe. NOT HEELS. a tasteful shoe. i wouldn’t want it to look like a prostitute. i might sew it a dress. do you think i’d get fired? i don’t think i’d last more than one day.” she continued in that vein until i was crying with laughter. then she said, “i’m definitely your niece.” and she threw her arm over my shoulder and squeezed me. my heart did melt.

managed to go for a hike late this afternoon. a single mullein flower. ice in the puddles. the damp trees smell strongly of oak moss. on the trek home i saw where someone had partially smashed a dead man’s foot. it made me sad. i’m always on the lookout for those. they make such wonderful dye. i noted the spot and maybe i’ll return tomorrow with a sack to snatch it home.

the tiny house progresses slowly. the trailer is parked near its final home. i will never buy a craigslist trailer again. it was an effort to decrease costs. it did not decrease stress however. i think that once the subfloor is done the rest of the build will go very quickly. that’s my hope leastways.

wellidy. there’s a pile of LCRW with my name on it. and so.