by dishpantheism

spent time with sister and her man the other day. at dusk she and i took a stroll around town. i used to circuit the town alone late at night. i’d make several passes and be gone for hours. i would see things. under the sodium lamps and at the end of each driveway and at the edge of each yard cats would be lounging. like something from a horror picture. sister has seen them too but i’ve never spoken to another who has witnessed these feline councils. tonight as i drove home from work and saw the crescent moon descending it made me want to lap the town in the dark. but i didn’t. instead when i pulled into the driveway ferdinand jumped onto the hood of my car and then escorted me to the front door. he sees me off to work with a similar ritual. a mixture of gravity and waggery.

saw my first tarantula of the season. harvested my styrian pumpkins. hacked one open and ate the raw green seeds. tasted like peaches and cream.

been trying to learn a new language because it doesn’t require much physical exertion. still not feeling in tip-top form. but at least my brain isn’t feeling so decayed. i reckon that’s a good thing.