forewent the mo…

by dishpantheism

forewent the morning hike in favor of a walk around the lake at dusk. saw a barn owl drift noiselessly down from dark oaks and alight on a fallen pine. cattails are cattailing. thistles are thistling. the air is hazy with pappus and midges. gathered some goldenrod. startled some deerlings. dosey dotes. maresy dotes. pickerelweed breeds pikeses.

last night i went out to see the perseids but it was the wrong hour for it. i pet the black cat and he made sparks. my consolation constellation.

been eyeing a 1925 pullman car. it is most beautiful and i’m quite seriously considering buying it — to live in, of course. the last few times i’ve taken the train north fancy refurbished private cars have been coupled to the back. they’re gorgeous and posh. no denying it. but they’re a little too precious to travel in i think. i’d settle for a stationary car.

rearranging new books. culling. a bit like a madwoman in a leaking coracle. tossing out shit by the bucketful at a considerably slower rate than it sloshes back in. but so long as the aforementioned shit is books i’m okay with it.

jinxed myself a bit before. cart before horse or something. but a daily dose of strenuous hill-walking has made it sting a little less. not much less. but a little.

it’s been so hot here. triple digits every day. the oaks are already dropping leaves. my muskmelons loved the heat until they didn’t anymore and dropped their brittle tendrils. i hope they recover. at least the purple pole beans seem to be enjoying it. i saw a man on a bicycle pause to eat blackberries by the creek. tomorrow i’ll go a-blackberrying. hopefully he was kind enough to leave some behind.