by dishpantheism

came home to a little paper bag waiting for me on the kitchen table. inside were three antique crystal doorknobs and one canidae skull of indeterminate genus and species. i’m thinking it’s probably a fox skull but i’ll have to phone father to find out since he was the thoughtful biped who gifted it to me. he also left a jar of mole.

was given a cassette player so i can finally listen to the mixtape which has been loitering on my bedside table. yays. prior to this tape it had been years since anyone had presented me with one. a shame really because i love them.

niblings popped by. they crawled all over me and begged me to make tea. i obliged. elder niece showed me her karate moves and wheedled cocoa nibs from the bag in my hands by doing an adorable dance. i cannot resist the likes of that dance.

ate the first raspberries from my young vines. christ almighty. they were the best raspberries i’ve yet eaten. too bad there were so few of them. next year there will be more i expect.

and now i will hike around the lake. hoorays.