by dishpantheism

strangely balmy today. the air smelled deliciously resin-y. i love being surrounded by chaparral whilst at work. i have to park along the street rather than in the parking lot these days as a giant solar installation is taking place. it seems odd to undertake such a project on the coast. i suppose there must be enough sunny days each year to make it a worthwhile endeavor. i just haven’t experienced much sunshine on that side of the mountains.

drove to the beach on my break. parked at the overlook as i generally do. saw a dolphin far off following the shore along the dunes. had a cat nap in the hot sun. very nice. tomorrow it will probably be cold and foggy again. ah well.

wild lilacs are blooming. hummingbird sage. poppies. a few bush lupines are blooming also but i’ve seen none of the annual blue bonnets. not enough rain.

the children are convinced that i’m rich for some odd reason. they coerced me into buying chocolate for their fundraiser. gads. i told them i’d buy it on the condition that they ate it. unsurprisingly there were no protestations. i may have been conned.

i go.