by dishpantheism


books arrived. a moomin i’d yet to read and the previously mentioned elizabeth jolley. both are ex-library copies. i’m especially pleased with the moomin because it’s a 1960s hardcover edition in excellent condition. sadly it doesn’t look as though it had been checked out ever. what a shame.

a wonderful biped came and visited. i took her to my father’s cabin. tow-haired nephew and my mother came along. we had a purpose going there beyond simply visiting my father. my friend had never fired a gun. we lined up cans and shot at them from 40 yards. she did very well for her first time shooting, especially from such a distance. growing up in a rural area i was surrounded by guns. most ranchers carry them particularly in summer when the rattlesnakes are active. i never really think about it. i own a rifle which resides in a gun safe. saturday was probably the third time i’ve ever fired it. i have never entertained the idea of shooting a living creature. i don’t understand what compels people to kill animals for sport. i ate a lot of venison growing up because my family didn’t have a lot of money. poor folk have poor ways. folksy, i know. but true. anyway. the only things i can feature hunting are tin cans. and i made a few dance on saturday.

later we climbed a hill behind my father’s cabin because i’d spotted a dead thing there. i thought it was a deerling. but nephew and wonderful biped said it looked feathery. and so it was. a dead tom turkey. he was quite dessicated. he had very impressive spurs. my father called up to me and asked if i needed a knife. i looked at the sinewy neck of the tom and decided a knife might be helpful. father chucked it up and it landed at my feet. i unfolded it and put one foot on the tom’s carcass. sawed the sinews and twisted. now his head is resting in a jar of hydrogen peroxide and water. after several changes of solution  it will gleam. currently it is repulsive.

we passed over a barbed wire fence. nephew passed through it being a tad too wee to climb over easily. there’s a bit of spring grass up–we haven’t had nearly enough rain– but a few golden pansy leaves were nestled under the blades here and there. a few wild peonies also are unfurling their leaves. lovely things. we tramped around looking for another carcass my father said he’d seen while chopping wood. we never found it but it was nice just scrabbling over ground squirrel lairs and under oaks. nephew reiterated that my bone collecting is a disgusting hobby.

i made a caramelized onion tart. swiss chard and beet greens from my garden. contemplated knitting something new vs delving into half-finished projects. had a long convo with wonderful biped about the absolutely bizarre and unexpected situations life slings at one. talked about growing old. talked about spawning. glad life slung wonderful biped my way.

a storm was threatening. it has blown away. very disappointing. such a dry year. and so cold.

wellidy. time for bath and sleep. consecutive not simultaneous.