by dishpantheism

it’s storming. i’m hoping the moisture in the air will speed along the decomposition of the many dead creatures lining the roads. there’s a wild pig head i want something fierce. unfortunately i don’t have any museum beetles. and even if i did getting the head home to my beetle colony would necessitate the wielding of a hatchet under the horrified scrutiny of passing cars. no thanks. once was enough.

the new job pleases me. it’s not the smithsonian or biblioteca nacional de la republica argentina. but it’s a start. it’s worlds removed from my old job and that is best of all. so yays.

reading this. it’s entertaining. so is this. next up: nellie bly.

the other evening it was 16 degrees. when i went out to scrape the ice from my windshield the following morning my hair was still damp from its washing. it was hanging loose around my face and i went to brush it aside. it was frozen. the entire left side was a ginger-y icicle. i expect if we’re going to continue to have winters this cold i should invest in a hair dryer. hmph.

on the drive to work i saw a flash of white as i rounded a curve. it disappeared and reappeared several times and i thought it was a far off motorcyclist. but no. it was a snowy egret hovering just over the middle of the road. so beautiful. i found the event a little peculiar given i was driving through the narrow bottom of a steep ravine. a creek runs along the south side of the road and i suppose that’s why the egret was hanging around. i always think of them as loving open spaces but perhaps audubon would have something else to say about it. something like “easy to kill. superb with brown sauce.”

knitting. considering knitting a morse code cowl as it appeals to me on several nerdy levels. planning my next garden. planning my summer. (hoorays!) and generally planning my 2012. scary how fast the last several years have come and gone.