by dishpantheism

my arms are tinted pale green. i’ve been elbow deep in tomato vines checking on their progress. the cuor di bue are loaded with fruit but they’re all pale and green. yesterday there was one tiny ripe fruit but i ate it up. it was probably the sweetest tomato i’ve ever eaten. the broom corn is chin high. the italian rose beans are obscured by wayward tomato vine. there are lemon cucumbers in abundance. i eat them like apples.

took the old dog for a walk the other evening. she suddenly began wheezing and dragging her back leg. i almost had to call for someone to come pick us up because she wouldn’t budge. i took her to the side of the road and let her rest at my feet until she got up of her own accord and looked at me. she would walk a pace and then sit down and need to rest. my first thought was that she’d picked up a goathead in her paw but when i ran my hands over her toes and the pads of her paws i couldn’t find any thorns. then i thought she’d had a stroke. after about fifteeen minutes she seemed to recover and we walked almost the whole way home before she began dragging her leg again. today she is fine. she is quite elderly and i suspect that her eagerness to go for a stretch exceeded her ability. i’ll have to walk her at more frequent intervals on a shorter circuit from now on i think.

been lazing about and reading. my leisure time will come to an end in another week or two so i’m enjoying it while i can. knitted a fleet of sweaters. another will be winging its way to sweden soon. a little red tomten jacket for a brand new wee one. acquired some vintage sewing patterns also. among those there’s a pattern for a halter dress which is quite beautiful. i don’t know if i should bother sewing it now or if i should save it for next season.

last night raccoons woke me as they shimmied down the rain gutter to get to my cat’s dish of kibble. they’re so rotund and bumbling and i can always identify them by their manner of chewing. they never close their mouths when they eat. it’s like that guy who’s always at your elbow in a coffee shop eating a pastry with unnecessary vocalizations and spewing flakes every which way. but i can forgive the raccoons because they don’t have much in the line of lips. and they’re pretty fucking cute.