by dishpantheism

went for a drive to the coast this afternoon. it was gorgeous out but i was in a rush and couldn’t stop to enjoy it. on the return trip the road was littered with dead possums. i’ve read that they don’t tend to live long. i had supposed this was due to predation or disease. but now i think it must be due to lack of crosswalks.

sometimes i get a string of words stuck in my head in the same stubborn fashion that an earworm-ish song or jingle does. today: frigate, goyal, intent, orca, flux, nacre, sepal, foment, thrush. they form randomly these strings.

at around dusk i went outside to pick a sprig of mint and noticed the giant datura near the back door has finally bloomed. the heart of each flower is a rich purple. they smell wonderful but i never touch my face to them because they’re quite poisonous. it’s more superstition than actual precaution that keeps me from burying my face in them. i’m not likely to poison myself without ingesting them and i have no plans for that.

my sarracenia are looking lovely. i haven’t killed them yet. the summers are so dry and hot here that i almost invariably let the pots dry out. not this time. i’ve beat my personal record. i planted them in the zinc tub where my water lilies and yerba mansa grow. it’s a swamp in miniature. i like it. i won’t try my hand at growing darlingtonia again though. they’re very particular things.

received a paper letter in the mail. it made me very happy. mention of orcas island. i haven’t thought of that place in a while. i think i need to go there.

in other news…

discovered that smelly old lake merritt is home to a rowing club. there’s even a regatta! i may make use of this info in future. apparently a swim test is required for membership. that’s quite unlike the rowing club here. i don’t think my natatory skills have been put to any sort of official test. i’m too buoyant to sink without assistance and i can propel myself from A to B. i can also tread water for days. hopefully this will be sufficient. i wonder if they’ll test my sculling skills or merely my propensity for drowning. i can even use oars!