by dishpantheism

finally recovered from the flu in time to enjoy a heat wave. i’m not complaining really as it is lovely to be able to walk outside after midnight clad only in my underpants and camisole to stargaze. last night i startled a toad. or rather we startled each other. i didn’t see him until i’d frightened him into a swift hop. i caught movement from the corner of my eye and involuntarily jumped because skunks have been roaming the neighborhood recently and i’ve been wary. at any rate it was a beautiful little beastie. there’s a large nicotiana sylvestris in the backyard and it smells amazingly good after dark. nicotiana is such a strange plant. the leaves reek of the dirtiest ashtray imaginable but the flowers have an intoxicating odor. i stood there in my kicks with the toad and enjoyed the latter.

dreamed of sheets of naturally occurring dichroic glass at the bottom of an eternally twilit ravine. i turned them over in my hands. they reappeared later on a beach where i trailed a small girl who encouraged me to follow her into the sea. then a tunnel of water emerged from a calm bay and swallowed her. but i kept a handful of the smooth and tumbled glass.

poppies have bloomed. they’ve formed their salt cellar-ish pods. there are a few buds left and they are bruised and seeping from the attacks of insects. they smell like poppy milk. the smell of latex and tar. slightly poisonous. i associate the odor with toothaches.

a dress progresses. sister gifted me with a wonderful rotary cutter at christmas but with all of the tiny fingers in our household i don’t yet have a place where i can safely use it. i stick to working on my bed with my very heavy, very old metal shears. thankfully the dress i’m making is of very simple construction so precision in the cutting is not requisite.

cat caught a ribbon snake. tortured it some before the snake was able to be rescued. i love cats but that’s one aspect of their behavior that always bothers me. though i have been known to encourage it in kittens because i love to watch their kitten-ish maulings. for shame.

wellidy. the room is hot. the laptop hotter. must separate.