by dishpantheism

yesterday evening i went for a drive on the road where the calochortus grow. it was a nicer car and a snarkier fella this time. when we reached the top of the ridge the sun was setting and when we passed the reservoir stars were appearing. there was tea. then by the time we reached the sea it was very dark. i was waiting for enough ambient light to see by but it remained dark as pitch except for a light far out on the water. wrong phase of the moon. there was a very noisy bat. there were sounds of scratching coming from the trees. i’m not afraid of the dark but for some reason my stomach did flips every time i heard beastly scratchings. but the evening was so nice. i was gifted with a new book too.

in other news…

i found an ambergris that i like almost as much as i like profumum’s ambra aurea. it’s ambra nera by farmacia ss. annunziata dal 1561. i cannot stop smelling my own wrist. gads. it’s very woody and camphor-ish initially but dries down to the most wonderfully animalic, sweet odor like leather and fox fur and old books. it is magical.

i made japchae for the first time this evening. it turned out so very good. i didn’t have any wood ears though so it may turn out even better next time with the addition of mushrooms.

the neighbors are having a party right now. every few minutes they all laugh and one among them chortles. CHORTLES. and it’s so much louder than the others. i am inclined to believe that this is his natural laughter and not something affected to amuse his friends. at first i thought i was hearing a toy clown. then i thought it was a small dog. but no. it’s a grown man chortling in the darkness.

wellidy. i am tuckered. and so.