by dishpantheism

went for a drive to gather calochortus seed. sadly a road crew had already passed along the road and mowed the dry stalks down. i found a few stragglers and gathered a handful of seed pods. found some snub pea seed too. i won’t try to germinate the seeds until autumn because they’ll likely sprout better with a little stratifying. the fridge is already full of milkweed and yokut sunflower seeds in little damp bags. i don’t suppose i need to take up any more space with my rampant horticultural tendencies.

the drive was beautiful. my first boyfriend used to drive me along that road in his gigantic hideous old car. there are lots of secluded places to pull over and several swimming holes which are particularly nice in weather like we’ve been having. there was a truck parked in one of these pullouts. two teenage boys and a teenage girl sitting on the tailgate and looking a little shivery. they’d just emerged from the water. on the bank opposite them i noticed thimbleberries tucked into the bracken and honeysuckle. i so wanted to stop and pick them but i didn’t want to intrude upon the youngsters. under the madrones and big leaf maples cream bush is blooming. beautiful. i’d like to return before it finishes. i snapped a few photos but i was lazy and didn’t step out of the car so they’re all kind of blurry. oh wellidy.

time for books and knitting. and so.