for no good reason

by dishpantheism

the flowers i love best when displayed in old bottles:

-silene maritima or vulgaris

-queen anne’s lace

paeonia brownii (they smell wonderfully of anise and leaf mold and honey.)

-dierama ‘guinevere’

hemizonia congesta ssp. luzulifolia aka hayfield tarweed

-matthiola incana aka hoary stock

silene nigrescens (which i grew from seed and eventually killed with kindness)

-mignonette (a favorite of empress josephine btw)

-sweet violet

shepherd’s purse (yes, it’s a weed.)

-lilium speciosum album

-lilium speciosum rubrum ‘uchida’

-tiger lily

-asclepias fascicularis*

asclepias asperula**

-king’s clover

geum triflorum aka prairie smoke

-jasminum polyanthum


california mock orange

-lime blossoms (citrus not linden)

blue honeywort


nigella ‘african bride’

-calceolaria arachnoidea or cana

i think i am antsy for spring and things growing in my garden. i’m also antsy for travel and time away. these two opposing desires will have to be sorted. i am prone to conflicting desires it would seem.


*one of the most beautiful wildflowers in california but they can only be truly appreciated up close and personal. the flowers are grouped in small inconspicuous umbels. once i picked a few stems and brought them indoors only to find a herd of monarch larvae living in my windowsill. i had to keep gathering milkweed to feed them. eventually they made their gilded chrysalides and turned into butterflies. it was exhausting feeding those buggers. in any case get a load of that inflorescence. starry claws. so pretty!

**these i first encountered in texas many moons ago. i absolutely love them.

EDIT: oh look! this is a wonderful site about milkweed. i love the imbricated surface of the seed pod interior! i think i’d like to make a pair of flats with such a texture.