by dishpantheism

been writing! i use my car as my office because it’s quiet and the driver’s side window commands the most inspiring views. yays. recently it has been sunny and warm and incredibly springlike. today it rained intermittently. the wind was cold but the sun appeared every quarter of an hour or so. i saw the most vivid rainbow of my entire rainbow-gawking career. it remained for over an hour obscured now and then by clouds passing between us.

very soon i will divorce myself from the interwebs for a few months to focus on other things. i think sometimes the constant onslaught of news and such makes me too anxious and unhappy. it’ll be nice to get away for a while. i will undoubtedly undergo the withdrawals of the dedicated news junkie. but oh wellidy. hopefully i’ll return with happy announcements and a less grouchy frame of mind. fingers crossed.