by dishpantheism

i don’t take medicine well. it always affects me more acutely than it is meant to. for this reason i try not to take any unless it’s absolutely necessary. last night i had a really annoying cough so i took some children’s formula cough syrup. i took less than the suggested amount. when i woke up (this afternoon) i felt like someone had ripped off my head, shat down my throat, then stitched me up with baling twine. cough syrup hangover. i don’t recommend it.

i’ve been streaming films via netflix. dozing like a cat. it was sunny for a few hours the other afternoon so i worked outside on a project. i didn’t wear a dust mask. probably didn’t help my cough. that’ll learn me.

some things are sprouting. peony-flowered poppy. iris reticulata. narcissus. bouncing bet. yerba mansa is unfurling red-tinged leaves subaqueously. chorus frogs are making the most of all the rain. ice still covers the ground at night.

received a note from a wonderful biped. tempted me to visit the city. perhaps i will sometime. for now it’s back to napping.