by dishpantheism

there was a double homicide just down the way. crime of that sort is really quite rare hereabouts. a schizophrenic young man attacked and killed two sisters and tried to kill another person on christmas. he stole three cars in the course of the day but was eventually caught. people in town are quite rattled. i’m trying not to dwell on it. the area where it occurred is a place i like to drive alone at night. i’m in the habit of walking alone late at night too. caution is useful. fear is often something else.


tonight it’s raining again and i’m knitting some lovely alpaca. i just made my first gluten-free loaf of potato bread and it was (surprisingly!) super delicious. i was a wee bit dubious after tasting the brown rice bread i’d picked up at the health food store. the only thing it was good for was french toast, heavy on the cardamom and cinnamon. sister gifted me with bette hagman’s the gluten-free gourmet cooks comfort food. i have to admit when i read some of the ingredients i initially thought of my elementary school’s dietitian. i will most likely never make fudge nor prune cake because i can think of more appealing ways to consume chocolate and prunes but on the whole the book is really informative and clever. i’m going to make the canned bread to take with me on train journeys. and crumpets! and graham crackers! oh yes. and i think i’ll track down her other books.

now that the holidays have wound down i can do some writing. if i owe you a letter expect one soon. the rain will likely fall for a few more days. i’ll amuse myself by writing and reading and devising ways to use my desktop magnifier as the star of a as-yet-unscripted stop motion animation.

,,, here are some commas. sprinkle liberally. i’ve never cared for them.