by dishpantheism

tree is up. mercury glass owls and pine cones. bird nests i’ve picked up from forest floors over the years.

there’s a heavy ground fog outside the window. the sodium lamps have halos. i considered going for a walk but i don’t feel like venturing out into the cold. if it isn’t raining tomorrow i’ll go in search of rose hips maybe.

had a lovely day with sister. we accomplished a fair bit. and we bumped into our great-uncle henry. he was wearing a plaid deerstalker. he normally wears a broad straw hat. he’s almost 100 years old and hair has long since ceased to sufficiently cover his pate. i suppose his head is more adapted to summer than winter these days and lambswool becomes a necessity on a cold morning.

nothing much to report. i’ve been obscenely busy but i can’t go into detail unless i wish to spoil a few christmas surprises. so. mum’s the word. if i owe you correspondence please forgive the delay.