by dishpantheism

after some fiddling about i figured out how to make plaster mother molds. i’ve wanted to learn how to make proper two-part molds for ages. so yays. now i can make an entire army of gnomes.

the past few nights i have heard a dull thumping sound that repeats for hours on end. i have no idea whence it is emanating and it is beginning to creep me out. it sounds rather like someone slowly and rhythmically banging on a heavy barn door. i’m just going to pretend that it’s the sound of an enthusiastic but reclusive woodworker. he likes working under cover of darkness. nothing wrong with that.

knitting. reading. tea. filling up notebooks. the usual.

been favoring the ipod dock over the mac. pen and paper preferred to mac also. listening to the rip and shirley collins. writing lists. writing more lists. attempts to get my head on straight.

wellidy. there’s a tortilla with my name on it. i go.