by dishpantheism

it has been so chilly outside all day that i didn’t venture out. now i’m regretting the decision as i feel a wee bit stir crazy. maybe later i can coax old lola out for a walk. i’m sure there are a few persimmons on the ground by now.

i had bizarre dreams last night, bizarre even by my standards. one dream involved my trying to correct the spelling of my friend’s last name. it’s a rather long, polish surname and i kept putting a z where one didn’t belong and getting really frustrated. it was so real that when i woke i had a hard time reconciling myself to the fact that it hadn’t actually happened. so strange.

last night the frost reached through the window and nipped the leaves of my lemon verbena. not dead. a wee bit maimed. gives it character. since i didn’t set foot outside today i don’t know how the lemon tree does. i’m almost afraid to lift the plastic sheet and look. it’s probably unharmed as it sits on the west side of the house below a single-paned window. a substantial amount of heat escapes the house there.

i’ve been searching for nice wooden buttons for a project i’m working on and i stumbled upon a button factory based in brooklyn (williamsburg). it’s probably one of the last american button factories. it’s family owned and the buttons are really inexpensive. but what impressed me most about their site was the video they’d posted of their button-making machines at work! hypnotic. have a gander:

perhaps i’m easily amused. perhaps that’s not a bad thing. dunno. in any case if you are in need of buttons then have a squint at their button shop.

i made red flannel hash this evening for my supper. (exciting, i know.) i’d never made it before but it is one of my favorite things to order when i go to breakfast here. unfortunately they only offer this dish on holidays and weekends and i almost never go to town on holidays or weekends. my grandmother frequently made me hash for breakfast but sans beets. i love beets. i’ll refrain from gushing. suffice it to say i could probably eat my weight in beets. the hash i made tonight was pretty damn tasty. i used this recipe but with fresh beets and added onions, leftover turkey and a lot of vinegar. i’ll be eating this again very soon. in other things beet related, i ate the best ravioli of my life here. sweet corn ravioli and beet ravioli. miam.

doing the tiniest amount of writing. poetry is in some ways so much easier to write than fiction. the act of condensing comes so naturally to me. writing fiction is something else. when i write a story i feel like i’m chipping away at granite armed with only an eyedropper and water (or tears?). it is slow going and painful. but i am stubborn, some might argue to a fault. sometimes i feel like the practice of writing makes me adept at saying but shit at demonstrating. for example, describing feelings of love in type is accomplished readily, but demonstrating the same feelings reveals me to be a very clumsy creature.

wellidy. time to work on christmas gifts. i always run myself ragged trying to finish up gifts at the last minute. but not this year. i’m getting the jump.