by dishpantheism

had a lovely thanksgiving. i hadn’t seen my extended family since long before i left for russia yet i somehow forgot to mention my trip until right as everyone was leaving. consequently i had to answer a number of rapid fire questions. it was a nice visit tho. cups of coffee outside in the cold air. my hair smells like woodsmoke. sister and her beau and i all admired a gorgeous blue roan in the pasture next to our perch on the porch. we chatted with our aunt and made arrangements to visit her on the carrizo in a few months. there’s an old ranch and its derelict bunkhouses to be explored. we’ll bring our cameras. i ate more pumpkin pie than i should have. followed by gooseberry pie. followed by about five cups of coffee. i probably will not be sleeping tonight.

i’ve been keeping busy. trying to build a rigid heddle loom. i’ve wanted one for years but they are not especially cheap. they don’t look particularly difficult to construct. a few scraps of lumber. ratchet and pawl. the heddles themselves are the tricky bits. my father is a woodworker tho. i think i can enlist his help. i was sitting on a stack of lumber the other afternoon contemplating my loom project when the grey cat threaded between my feet. she always rolls on her brain when she sees me. she wants adoration and chin chucks and she usually won’t give up until she’s gotten them. i don’t mind so much. as i scratched her head i noticed that the creases behind her ears are mauve. the fur looks like crumpled velvet.

i recently downloaded and watched michel ocelot’s les trois inventeurs. it was released on dvd some time ago but i didn’t buy it because i don’t have a region free dvd player. i’m so happy to have found it. there aren’t any subtitles but the dialogue is basic french so i could understand it. at only about ten minutes long it’s worth a watch even if you have no french at all. it’s beautiful!

christmas lights have already gone up. tree lots too. tonight the mercury will drop to about 19. i suppose that’s not impressive as it gets much colder elsewhere. but it’s cold enough for me.