by dishpantheism

woke early and went for a walk with sister. it was very cold. we walked to the arena where young girls sometimes practice gymkhana. sister and i rarely practiced our gymkhana there when we were small. still it’s a nice place to walk. behind it the railroad tracks bisect town. we have found killdeer clutches in the ballast several times. i always look for eggs when we walk there but i saw none today nor did we see the goats that generally pasture close by. we rounded a corner and saw a pretty roan tho i can’t remember if it was a strawberry or a blue. the trees which still have leaves are turning amazing colors. the persimmons are bare but for their fruit. when they begin to drop i will pocket some. sister had me back for coffee to warm up before i headed home. it had begun to rain.

toted father to town. when we returned and i had parked at the bottom of his hill i startled a covey of quail. they didn’t fly but ran away in a funny line. we sat and watched them as they leapt from a low bank to the left of my car. they passed at eye level and then followed the drive. we walked up behind them. they’re so beautiful up close. i picked some wild grapes and ate them as i drove home. they’re both sweet and sour. the seeds are large and taste peppery. soon my father will be back to toting himself around. my wee mother is repairing his van’s carburetor and master cylinder. she’s so clever with machines. i don’t think i inherited any mechanical cleverness.

wellidy. a bit of knitting and then to sleep.