by dishpantheism

the wind is howling around the house. every once in a while it causes a shed door to slam or a gate to strain against its hinges. i almost rocket out of bed when that happens. still i love the sound of the wind.

knitting. tweedy golden yarn. there’s also some brown alpaca fingering on the other needles. eventually it will look like a lace scarf. currently it looks like a messy spider’s web. i scored a bundle of aluminum needles this afternoon for .50 cents. i’m not a needle snob tho i do prefer to knit with bamboo needles (because they have a wonderful springiness) or the hardwood needles i make myself. i like to have lots of spares on hand because i tend to lose things that come in pairs. for this reason i hook my earrings together religiously when i remove them for bed. but there isn’t a way to hook one’s knitting needles together. so. the solution here is to have a lot of needles which i’m not terribly attached to and with which i can bear to part. while i was thrifting and rummaging through bins of this and that i came upon a pair of size 50 needles. they looked like a witchfinder’s instruments or vampire stakes. needless to say i did not buy them. i did discover a bundle of vintage buttons (still on their cards!) and vintage ricrac in shades of coral. another .50 cents and they were all mine. most of them are going to find their way into my etsy shop but i saved two cards of buttons for myself, a dozen pearl buttons with slits like cat eyes and another set of nine made from dark coral-colored bakelite in the shape of stylized knots.

i was rearranging my sewing box tonight and came across a string of hag stones. before i moved i used to have them hanging over my bed. i think i’ll put them there again. i noticed one stone was missing but then i remembered i’d sent it away to a new home.

wellidy. time to burrow under the duvet and escape the chill.