by dishpantheism

my mac is back! hoorays! a new logic board was installed gratis and i guess everything is dandy. but now i am wringing imaginary hankies thinking of the day when the new (faulty) graphics card/logic board decides to self-destruct. oh wellidy.

today could have gone better. locked myself out. had to lean into my window with a crudely constructed goldbergian device to retrieve my keys from the folds of my duvet. the next time i triple check my handbag for my keys i will not chide myself guiltily afterward. all of that paranoia will pay off! my head throbs. i nibbled feverfew. next i’ll hammer a cup of strong coffee. fingers crossed that it clears.

highlights of the day:

-more wild turkeys

-father gifting me with a jar of comb honey

-mercury glass owl

-oak leaves glowing at golden hour

-kind note from sister

-chili dog (i realize this is also slightly disgusting. don’t judge me.)


well. time for headache bane and knitting.