by dishpantheism

went to town to find jelly jar lids. no luck. the jelly glasses i have are very very old and nobody makes lids for them anymore. i don’t particularly like jelly so i usually use the glasses for pudding and such. but i have so many quinces that i feel i must try my hand at quince jelly. tomorrow i will shell out a few dollars for modern jelly glasses with lids. drat.



leaves are turning. the mountain ash caused my breath to catch. i took a few snaps. the sycamores are subtler but just as lovely. it is misty outside. the rain disappointed me. the sky threatened for days but never really delivered. last night a catbird rattled the honeysuckle outside my window until the wee hours. maybe it was attracted by my bedside lamp.

things i’ve been enjoying (in no particular order):

–new sweater. heathered coral with black buttons. so very soft.

–dueling bedside lamps.

–porcelain berry. aristolochia californica. two vine crushes from my teenage years which i haven’t thought of in a long while.

–the iron-grey bark of valley oaks.

–scent of quinces.

–plotting a course.

–my grandmother’s tea rose blooming unexpectedly in november.

–bawdy songs. sea shanties.

–catching sight of movement in the new mirror. a flash in the corner of my eye.

–a maggot.

–roasted chestnuts and dark chocolate. brussels sprouts and neeps.

–homemade mushroom soup.

–employment that doesn’t suck completely and which i can do in the comfort of my duvet whilst wearing only underpants. (yays!) tho i expect this could be dangerous. i must force myself to leave the house and make myself fit for human company.

wellidy. my list of trivia is exhausted.