by dishpantheism

i made a milk delivery to my father the other afternoon. as i walked up the hill to his cabin i heard turkeys in the clearing to the west. i couldn’t see them but they were probably foraging for acorns or the tiny seeds of wild lettuce. they will jump as high as they’re able to strip the seeds from the tall stalks. my father said there is a band of eleven turkeys which will approach his cabin to drink from the stone bowls under his oak tree. one morning he saw another band approach them and they waged a turkey battle. a turkey cock presents an imposing picture when he’s pissed and all puffed up but somehow i imagined this turkey skirmish to have been something considerably less dignified or majestic. a lot of ineffectual flopping around and gobbling.

went to the polls. deposited my ballot. got the sticker. but i was sad not to see a single familiar face at my polling place. there is a devoted coterie of old ladies who is generally there rain or shine on election day. i saw hide nor hair of them. they usually bring carafes of hot coffee and plates of cookies. so. you can imagine my disappointment when i didn’t see them. as luck would have it my polling place is one door down from my local library. i went to the library bookstore to poke around and was given a sugar cookie and told i could have a free book since i’d voted. within moments i’d found a copy of john fowles’ a maggot (hardcover!) which is a book i have been wanting for quite a while. yays! it has taken its place in the bedside table.

i have moved the meyer lemon to its winter home under my bedroom window. it’s joined now by lovage and valerian and a beautiful lemon verbena. in the soft sand i have heeled in starts of various shrubs. geranium cuttings are in the kitchen window. they’ll root there and hopefully survive the journey north with me where they can live out-of-doors the year round. peppermint geranium and some mutt-ish variegated leaf variety. i will add skeleton rose when i’m feeling less lazy.

i toted my father to town this afternoon to do his banking. we ran into an old-timer whose children had gone to school with me. my father asked how his family was doing and he said a few more grandchildren have been added to the clutch. my father elbowed me and said “when are you going to do that?” it was surprising to me because my father never nags me about spawning. i am grateful for it too. but his changed up routine knocked me for a loop. his timing can sometimes be so…mcmullen-ish. comically cruel. i did laugh tho.

after weeks of using a borrowed pc and its accompanying mouse i find that i continually reach for one now that i’m back home using my macbook. i reach with either my left or right hand. i switch back and forth without concern for handedness the same way i use a spoon or fork or piece of vine charcoal. i haven’t developed the same fluidity when it comes to pencils and pens and sewing needles. writing utensils are always sinistral. needles are always dextral. i knit continental but i crochet with my right paw. i’m a muddled-up creature.

wellidy. to the books!