by dishpantheism

wandered the streets with my nieces and nephews. tow-haired nephew had a costume fail and needed emergency cape assistance. he came knocking at my door. i produced a short a-line wool crepe skirt in black and two safety pins. he was fine with the improvised cape, especially with its softness and warmth, until i made the mistake of referring to it as my old skirt. then he bemoaned his fate. i had to drag him into the bathroom and force him to regard himself in the mirror at which point he ceased to wail and proclaimed his cape cool. i win. i went to sister’s and shot the breeze. ate rigaboni* and drank a beer in excellent company. there were many hundreds of people in my town wandering the streets. there were more people here in the course of the evening than the whole of the population. the streets were lined with the cars of out-of-towners. we took a stroll and the air was cold and smelled delicious and damp. i ate cookies that the sobrinos** made but didn’t eat much in the line of candy. i did however cause a wee packet of chocolate malted milk balls to explode spectacularly and cascade down the opening of my blouse. if you believed until now that any combination of tit and chocolate were a sexy one let it be securely gainsaid. i have rendered it unsexy.

wellidy. happy snap-apple, kids.

*in case you were curious, this is the spookier version of the popular pasta dish. because, you know, it is…errm, made with bonis as opposed to tonis.

**there needs to be a collective term for nieces and nephews in english. it really drives me nuts.

EDIT: there is a collective term! it’s niblings! oh happy day! i had never heard of it before.