by dishpantheism

sitting house. this morning i woke up and looked out over the bay. was greeted by a marmalade cat with the sweetest disposition. donned the white cardigan just so i could smell the silk. slice pumpkin, nick green fig stems for the same reason.

i’m knitting some gifts. getting the jump on december. it’s clouding up outside. going to rain for the next few days. i should have packed some heavy socks. the wood floors are cold. but i love wood floors.

typically when i dream the people i know in waking life do not make appearances or if they do they are frighteningly altered. the last several nights i have had dreams of familiar faces. they were happy dreams. nothing significant transpired. passing the salt. dreaming the likes of those was a refreshing change for me. but i wouldn’t give up my often bizarre dream life. no sir.

wellidy. i have some nasty business to attend to back in the 18th century. to the books!