by dishpantheism

breakfasted with the sister this morning. we ventured to a nearby nursery and looked at hyacinth bulbs and giant beautiful rudbeckia. we discussed horror movies because we both love those. her tastes tend more to gore flicks than mine tho. i like the atmospheric, the unsettling, the bizarre. she likes those too but she has a greater appreciation for 70s and 80s special effects, a realistic stab scene or even a terribly done beheading. i always cover my eyes.

on the drive home i stopped at the bee farm and bought a jar of alfalfa honey from the honor pay stand. i put it in my tea when i got home. it is so superior to mass produced honey and it’s only slightly more expensive. it’s worth it. a good portion of my family still raise angus cattle and farm. i prefer to buy food from farmers when i can. ideally i’d have my own bees. i’d keep goats and chickens as we used to do too. i used to watch my grandfather slaughter our turkeys and i’d help my grandmother pluck them and dress their flesh. it’s pretty terrible. but i think everyone who eats meat should see, at least once, how that meat is produced.

i have so many projects in the works right now i feel like i shouldn’t have a lick of free time. and yet i’ve been sitting on my bum quite a lot recently. two chairs need mending. i have plans for building several hedge chairs and plans to ebonize some others. things to knit. things to sew. weaving projects. most importantly i have a notebook full of the skeletons of stories. they only need flesh. once completed i’m going to make a chapbook i think. i have access to a pretty amazing letterpress museum where i can print them! yays! in my wildest fancies this gal even does the illustration. sigh.

in other (incredibly uninteresting) news…

i think i’m allergic to gluten. ugh.

wellidy. i go.