by dishpantheism

briefly, the things i’ve been enjoying:

-the copious amount of small, intensely flavored alpine strawberries my little plot is producing.

-making lists. (i always enjoy this tho.)

-uninterrupted reading time. no depressing and soul-crushing job to run off to. and yes, i’m even enjoying the resulting poverty. perhaps i’ll build a cloister and keep bees just to complete the asceticism.

-the beautiful hay devil that sister and i saw on our drive in the country. i must write about it in greater detail. was amazing.

-a certain kitten residing on my father’s stoop. half feral, half starved for affection. i caught her up yesterday afternoon, avoiding claws and ignoring hisses, and stroked her until she purred and dozed.

-chatting at intervals.

-the combination of honeywort, devil’s bit and bladder campion blooming behind the antique wire fence.

-allowing myself to be reassured. taking comfort in it.

-we have always lived in the castle

-the bronze fox heads on my chiffarobe.

-golden hour.

-writing! the renewed ability to outline a story without falling prey to self-doubt. i think this one really belongs in the top spot.

-the prospect of wearing my 1930s hobnailed boots when the weather finally cools. even better, the prospect of wearing them with socks i knit last winter.

-tartan. especially as i imagine it sewn up into the new colette pattern.

-the rip. but i always enjoy that.

-being bowled over. being less afraid of being bowled over.

-accepting change (tho it’s a bit like having stitches ripped out). scary but the alternative is worse.

wellidy. forgive all the commas. i’ll try to banish them again.