i’m a clumsy typist. tho…

by dishpantheism

i'm a clumsy typist. tho i learned to touch type in school ages ago i never really put it into practice. i type with only a few of my fingers. i don't have to look at the keys and i can type quite fast but when i'm tired my fingers stray. and so it was that i accidentally navigated to some pages that i really didn't want to see. my stomach did flips and then tied itself in a knot. i still feel queasy. that'll learn me i guess.

i introduced one of my nephews to homestar runner and another to some skateboarding terms. it was nerdy and fun. my oldest nephew is at the age where he's really getting the hang of sarcasm and wry remarks. and i love it. he made a funny about phytoplankton today which made me double over laughing and then promptly sock him in the arm. cute shit.

in a few days i'll breakfast with sister. i find i have been leaning on her a lot the last few months. when she cares to she can be a solace. thankfully she's been in the mood for such things recently.

i can't wait to see my friend in saint petersburg. i miss that fellow. i miss his often deadpan sense of humor and his smart assery. i miss staying up in bed until the wee hours cracking wise. i miss his very comforting presence. he's a good egg.

the smell of the albizia is coming through the window. i don't know of anything which has a similar smell. it's so strange and sweet. sometimes i snap off a blossom and tickle my chin with it. they're soft and feathery.

the last week or so people have been showing their steam-powered antique farm equipment near my house. nearly every morning i awake to the sound of puttering engines and an antique train whistle. i think obsolete technology is interesting but now i want everyone to pack up and go home. i want to sleep. and so.