a friend brought me a…

by dishpantheism

a friend brought me a handful of langues de chat which i wrapped in paper sacking. many years ago i bought the chez panisse dessert book and made jasmine (jasminum polyanthum) ice cream with cats' tongues. it was so good. i hadn't had langues de chat since then. i felt quite spoiled being so unexpectedly gifted with them.

i spoke with one of my former neighbors about procuring duck eggs. i'm going to make a few lemon meringue pies. my father loves those and i love making them. one will be set aside as a belated birthday pie for father. the duck egg whites are much thicker than chicken eggs. they make stiffer meringue. i wish i had ducks of my own. for that matter i wish i still had chickens and goats of my own. i miss fresh eggs and milk and homemade yogurt.

i ate the last of the blueberries from my spindly little bushes. tended my garden. the feverfew is blooming like mad. there's bladder campion and devil's bit and honeywort along the little curlicue wire fence. the tiny fruits on the meyer lemon are swelling. the garlic chives have set seed already.

along the borders of the pasture behind the house the milk thistle and hemlock and salsify have grown quite tall. the wholesome grows next to the unwholesome. a while back a local man was saved from death angel poisoning by being administered milk thistle. i watched finches sit atop the fuzzy cups and pluck out the ripe seeds. when the sun is low on the horizon the fluff glows. it's very pretty. the hemlock is pretty too. i don't even mind how horrible the speckled stalks smell when crushed. the umbel is one of my favorite floral shapes. wild carrot is prettier tho.

i am rambling. it is late. i already feel i should erase this post on account of it being nearly incoherent. but i won't. i think i'd like it to stand. cringeworthy testament to a most wonderful day of idleness after weeks of activity and exhaustion.