i can never remember which…

by dishpantheism

i can never remember which end of an avocado pit is supposed to face upwards when attempting to sprout one. it's elementary but i can never remember. tonight i find myself with three pits for sprouting. one is further along than the other two. one of my coworkers left abruptly. will i ever see him again? dunno. i don't even know how to contact him. he left this pit sprouting at work and since my boss has effectively erased every trace of him but for the pit i decided i should adopt the poor wee thing. so. here it sits in its sad little plastic dish. i'll upgrade its housing to a forcing jar in a few days. i'm eating the buttery flesh of the other two fruits which were gifts from said coworker. these are nice thin skinned fruits quite unlike the ones you find in markets which have been bred for travel at the expense of taste. the pits are huge and when they finally leaf out they'll make nice houseplants.

yesterday i drove to father's house. i took him some of the same avocados. a man has been setting up an honor pay stand right outside my work. so. i bought a few fruits. my dad is kind of a nut for alligator pears. i gave him his share and a handful of sacajawea coins. he gave me a pound of smoked salmon and a book. we talked about terms related to counterfeiting. i especially liked the term "uttering." it's quite special, no?

as i left father's cabin i found that there was a patch of pearly everlasting growing outside his door. the blossoms were very bright in the darkness. i stopped and snapped off a few twigs. my hands were sticky with the resin from the leaves. i love that smell. as i stumbled along the dirt road to my car i pinched off needles of rosemary and rolled them between my fingers. i drove down the ruts where winter rills had passed. my car bottomed out a few times. as i was descending the last hill a beautiful doe leapt in front of me. she stopped just out of range of my headlights and toggled her ears and stared at me. gave me goosebumps.

sometimes it is hard not to feel that the universe keeps throwing people in my path only to yank them out again soon after. it makes my head spin. or at least that is what i would believe if i believed the universe did anything at all other than expand. it's too much to think of on a tuesday evening.

wellidy. i'm up at dawn again tomorrow. time for sleep.