a man came into my…

by dishpantheism

a man came into my work this afternoon and paid with a credit card. i noticed that his surname was schwarzbart. and he in fact had a big bushy black beard tho it had gone salt-and-pepper in a few places. i complimented him on his name and he stroked his beard and said "thank you! tho strictly speaking it isn't quite true anymore." he left and nobody came in for about twenty minutes. then another man walked through the door. he also paid by credit card. his surname was totmann. i did not compliment him because i thought it somehow seemed inappropriate.

there are two new succulents in the collection. monanthes muralis and monanthes brachycaulos. they are bizarre and very cute little guys from the canary islands.

i am so looking forward to white nights and russian tea. long mornings sans alarm clock and falling asleep in a heap with my pal.

wellidy. to bed.