took lola for a stroll…

by dishpantheism

took lola for a stroll last night. (horse)chestnuts in blossom. the white of their blossoms stood out from the dark. wonderful odors. artemisia. freshly mown hay. cured hay which had dampened. white lily. the heat-shriveled friable heads of privet. warm pavement. fog coming from the sea. gum tree. sycamore. the palings radiating the day's heat into the dark and with it the smell of worn wood. cedar. king's clover. oak tannin. crushed peony stems (which always makes me think of iowa city). the latex and opiate smell of milkweed. even tomcat didn't smell so bad. it was just so nice to be out and moving. my body doing everything on autopilot. my mind far away. it is really lola who walks me.

had a nice chat with my father this evening. he ended our call by saying "well, mary liz, i'm going to have a cup of coffee and finish my book." it was close to midnight when he said this. i expect this is where i picked up my bad habits. anyway. it was like an eerie glimpse at my future. father turned 80 last month and he still maintains the habit of dozing off to sleep (for the night, mind you) in front of the wood stove with a book in his lap and a lamp glowing over his shoulder. he wakes up and starts all over again the next day. at intervals he eats and chops wood and gardens and listens to the news. occasionally he kills a deer and pets his cat, the woolly and hardly tame, eblis. give me fifty years or so and that will be me. tho probably without the deer slaying and with a friendlier cat.

another comyns arrived yesterday. the juniper tree. so far i am loving it. this particular story (at least the first few chapters) reminds me of barbara pym. to me this is not a bad thing.

the cloud forest in the windowsill has survived the last few hot days. the sage slip, with its associated happy memories, is particularly welcome.