the last few nights the…

by dishpantheism

the last few nights the stars have been incredibly bright. i decided to take my portly old hound for a stroll and admire the milky way. it was nice. bumped into sister and her beau. we got to talking about a book she'd read aloud to me a number of years ago. warm nights like tonight remind me of that book. in my memory the book is much better than it actually is. sister and i talked about how much potential it had and how it fell short. still arensberg must have done something right because it has left a lasting impression.

stole privet from the hedges under the elm. stole a peony too. i had to shuck it when i got it home because the heat has made the buds brown and sulk. when it finally unfurls i fear there won't be much to it. most of the burnt outer petals are in the waste bin. i stood in the dark outside my window and snapped off stems of honeysuckle. paused at the sunflowers growing by the shed. they look like people standing stationary. makes my stomach flutter in the best possible way.

ungodly hot at work today. the building (which was built in the mid-1800s) relies solely on an ancient swamp cooler to mitigate the heat. it was so hot this afternoon that the swamp cooler was almost completely ineffectual at relieving us but it did make the interior of the building feel like an equatorial rain forest. so humid. my clothes were stuck to me by the end of my shift. i found condensation building in the corners of the window glass. then it obscured some panes completely. after work i went to town to find something sundress-ish to wear. it probably isn't appropriate dress for work but until this heat relents i'll risk the possibility of reprimand. anyway. i found very little in the line of sundresses but an absurd selection of rompers. for adults. when i finally did find a rack of sundresses they were so short that i thought they were tops. i ended up by buying one of those to wear over jeans. i need to hem it up about an inch to make it a convincing camisole but it should do the job. now if the shop where i bought it would only refund half the price for selling me half of what they promised. grumble.

wellidy. there are allsorts in the licorice cache. i'm going to watch an angry scot and dig into my supplies.

oh and here's a video. i couldn't find allsorts so dolly mixture will have to do.

Dolly Mixture-Whistling in the Dark(Demonstration Tapes 1983)