was asleep on my feet…

by dishpantheism

was asleep on my feet for most of the day. at least the hours passed swiftly. stayed up late last night. couldn't sleep. watched episodes of the thick of it and ate inferior licorice. would have preferred the hexagons of panda but i had none on hand.

trying not to dwell on the (many) negative aspects of my job. head down. carry on. when i look up i'll be in brooklyn. then saint petersburg. hopefully. fingers crossed.

someone asked me today if i was going for a betty page look. nope. i said i was going for anna akhmatova. but she was unknown to my inquisitor. he said "was she hot?" i said "that's up for debate, i suppose. i think she was." i don't think he grasped that her hotness (or lack thereof) was irrelevant. her sexiness or handsomeness were not facets of akhmatova that i was endeavoring to emulate. tho for the record page has nothing on akhmatova as far as i'm concerned. if you don't believe me ask modigliani.

wellidy. to sleep.

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