thunderheads dominated the sky today…

by dishpantheism

thunderheads dominated the sky today. the wind was so cold. i spent most of the day in a kind of stupor. last night my head throbbed and throbbed. insomnia. my face twitched and then sagged on one side. it does this sometimes now. i'm sure it was nothing but it still causes a nauseating flutter of fright. i woke up tasting blood. my eyes felt like they were going to pop out of their settings. i feared getting behind the wheel of my car. i waited and waited for my headache to go away. it finally began to clear so i dashed to town to buy my groceries. the sun was out but it was raining hard. such a strange thing when that happens. after i'd paid for my provisions and was climbing back into my car i noticed a pomeranian in the cab of a truck parked nearby. it was yipping frantically and growling and savaging the window glass quite ineffectually. i was mesmerized by the noise and movement. i bent my knees to sit in the driver's seat and a gust of wind lifted a hank of my hair just as i was shutting the door. i swore and clawed blindly for the release lever. then i swore some more and drank my juice and stewed over my own clumsiness. on a normal day i am already absurdly clumsy. on a migraine day i shouldn't bother leaving the confines of my duvet.

in the pasture that abuts the asistencia the wild white irises are blooming. the cattle trample every other growing thing. but they neither feed upon nor trample the iris. i don't know why. i'm only glad they leave the iris be.

an elegant tall elderly man with a wonderfully thick austrian accent and tyrolean hat gave me a dollar the other day. he did so because i told him that i never gamble because i never win. he buys lottery tickets. he handed me the dollar and said "i don't like this! i don't like that you never win! today you win." it was sweet. tho to be honest i suppose i never gamble because i feel it is a waste. i work hard for the money i have. a bird in the hand and all that. later another elderly man slipped peppermints into my paw. i didn't question their motives. they made my day happier. the peppermint man used to slip my sister and me candies quite often. i had forgotten about him until this latest incident. then i remembered that i'd written about him before. usually he's lean on words but big on gestures. this time he spoke to me for a few minutes. talk of the weather.

received some very encouraging and friendly letters these past few days. mailed owl's clover to far away correspondent and friend. talk of birds.

wellidy. i suppose i should make up for the wasted day and try to do something productive.