perversion for profit…

by dishpantheism

i just have to say for the record that i have long had a wicked girl crush on her. do you not love her site? i do.

in other news…

a wonderful parcel sent by a friend arrived yesterday. some beautiful photos contained therein. made me very happy.

think i have made friends with an invisible bird. being relatively hermit-y this turn of events has also pleased me.

picked my first alpine strawberries the other day. two little ripe ones the size of my thumbnail.

the bladder campion is preparing to bloom. tiger lily too. there are apples on the gravenstein. a feral cat delivered a litter of kittens in my madder patch. i'm reading epileptic and sewing a dress of blended hemp and silk. filling old medicine bottles with stems of elderberry blossoms. dreaming strange dreams about sister's account of nabokov's furry pungent angel. in my dreams it manifested as a binturong with wings and smelled like popcorn. it did not crush my heart mid-jump.

hope to visit the city next month maybe.