at dusk the other evening…

by dishpantheism

at dusk the other evening i saw does at their browse. a dozen does at least. the woods were very dark even tho the sun had not gone down.

today three cyclists in their cycling gear passed by the open door. the sound of their cleats on concrete is the sound of kitten teeth pinking meat. i hate it. give me nails on blackboard.

a fellow i barely know grabbed me by surprise. pinned my arms to my sides. hugged the breath out of me. then i laughed and socked him in the arm. i laughed because contrary to my expectation i wasn't angry. a conversation about carpentry followed.

i found my bag of rattlesnake bones. soaked the hem of my pants in someone else's saliva. the yellow roses are doing me in. discovered a bloated beetle floating among my watercress starts. choked on a pepita. i'm eying the bird whistle and wondering if there's water in the belly. it's probably a little late to sound it now anyway.

to bed.