went for a walk with…

by dishpantheism

went for a walk with sister on wednesday. it was sunny and lovely out. we walked down the firebreak road. vernal brooks are flowing. the boulders and rocky slopes are covered in thick moss. i picked an armload of pussy willow. we filled our pockets with melilot.

i've received several friendly letters over the last few days. makes me happy. one of them contained an endorsement of one of my newly acquired books. i'm reading the rulfo now but i'll start on the bird soon.

there are three tiny stems of muscari in an old medicine bottle on my bedside table. they smell fantastic. i have never been much of a muscari fan. i think i have been converted.

father called. he bought two new gorey books for sister and me. if it isn't pouring rain tomorrow he will bring them by. i will take one with me to work maybe. hopefully it will make the time pass faster.

i wrote quite a lot today. feeling good about that. would be nice to write some fiction but i thank my lucky stars that i'm writing at all.