drove home from the coast…

by dishpantheism

drove home from the coast in the dark. so windy in the canyons. fog on the horns of the moon. my room has been shut up all day. the odor of paperwhites has filled it.

on the drive to the coast this afternoon (which was warm and lovely) i occupied myself by listing words aloud. i don't have a functional radio in my car. so. i have to invent my entertainment.

spiegel. espejo. mirror. mehr. mere. mer. mare. mar. barca. boat. bata. boot. barque.

no real rhyme or reason to the list. i was attracted to the sound. 

it's a warm night. the chorus frogs are deafening. i will drown them out with some bridget st. john and reorganize my bookshelves to fit the new arrivals.