some new books followed me…

by dishpantheism

some new books followed me home. always pleasing. have a gander:

the iguana, anna maria ortese

white walls, tatyana tolstaya

collected stories, katherine mansfield

the assistant, robert walser (translated by susan bernofsky. psst. you should buy a copy.)

pedro páramo, juan rulfo

sheppard lee, robert montgomery bird (i almost typed "montgomery burns." an easy mistake.)

the solitudes, john crowley

the de rerum natura of titus lucretius carus (trans. rolfe humphries)

selected stories, janet frame (!!!!!!!)

the complete stories, flannery o'connor

tirant lo blanc, joanot martorell (trans. david rosenthal)

babylon, rené crevel (trans. kay boyle)

a kind person offered to lend me some books of niedecker's correspondence with corman and zukofsky. if i lived somewhere other than where i'm living now i would have jumped at the chance. unfortunately my current situation isn't very book friendly. sigh. it's bad enough when the roof leaks and ruins my own books. i can't have it happening to the books of another.

it will take me rather a long while to get through my new finds. if i wasn't going to school and working full-time i might have free time for leisure reading. hopefully this summer i can make up for lost time.

ate a delicious supper with interesting folks. chard is good. backyard chard is something even better. and a far sight more assonant. score!

had a good time away from the avenue of live oaks. saw colletia paradoxa in person. it is just as bizarre as i had imagined. very pretty too. noted many specimens in the arid house that i don't have in my collection. coveted them. walked through a cloud forest full of sweet-smelling shrubs and parrot-bright sages. felt my knees jelly when i spied the cape bulbs coming into bloom. geeked out about carnivorous plants and orchids and tropical ferns. well. geeked out in general i suppose. botanical gardens do this to me.

a coat i'd left at the old place in the land of banana slugs made its way to the city. provided me with the pleasure of seeing my good friend. my coat has been keeping her company for a few months now. she said she's been wearing it. i secretly hoped to find interesting things tucked in the pockets. actually i haven't checked yet so maybe there are things hiding in there. knowing my friend it would not at all surprise me as just borrowing a book from her is like having a window into her life from the week or few days when she first read it. things fall from between the pages. a foil from a sweet she ate while reading it or a receipt from lunch. anyway. it would seem that i'm bad at keeping track of my clothing when i travel about. ps- please kind person(s) in iowa and montana send me my socks and mufflers respectively. or not.

i missed meeting yuri norstein by one week. rounded a corner in the mission and saw a little dimly lit sandwich board on the sidewalk with an image of yozhik. gasped! then a voice came from a darkened stairwell to my left saying "are you a fan? there are signed prints for sale. norstein himself was here last week." i was simultaneously thrilled and disappointed. i wish that i'd been able to meet him. but at least i have some signed prints to cut the sting a bit.

met some new people. not easy for me as i tend toward the hermit-y side. i always worry when making new friends. my face is nerve-damaged and i don't smile easily. the damage is minimal really. it could have been worse. but it does make my smile crooked. i tend not to smile. when i'm nervous it is even more difficult. i have to make a concerted effort to do it. i fear appearing androidish or creepy or as though i am grimacing. in any case i flashed my winningest grimace at some new people. time will tell what they made of it. friend or foe.

when i returned home the mystery amaryllis had bloomed. it is huge! it is also the variety 'minerva.' made me smile (see above). the amaryllis seemed unmoved either way. i guess i'll buy it a drink.

wellidy. i am very tuckered out. there is more to say but i'll have to say it later. also not going to proofread. forgive me.