christmas was nice. i’m still…

by dishpantheism

christmas was nice. i'm still enjoying the lopsided and sparsely needled grey pine crown in my room. it's covered in glass pine cones of various sizes. paper chains. sparkly baubles in shades of pewter and gold and silver and red. icicles made of frosted glass. i've had a tripod leaning in the corner of my room for a very long time. now i have a camera to go on top. i've wanted to take photos of the places i go on my night walks. i'd especially like to capture my favorite lamppost on film. and so i shall.

i've just emerged from the bath. there was a stump of candle burning on the edge. a draft made the candle drift on one side. on the other side the wax melted faster. broke its rim and spilled into the water. it spread out on the surface. i let it be. when i'd drained the water out there was a little wax eyrie suspended a quarter of the way down the inside edge of the tub. i imagined myself very small and sitting in the little cup of wax. i think i'll promote this fantasy in an effort to bring quick and mercifully memory-obliterating sleep.

in the morning sister and her beau and i will have a waffle extravaganza. yays! these waffles to be exact. later in the day one of my closest friends will arrive in town for a wee visit. i hope to shoot some photos too. a day of much needed distraction.

there's a white lace dress hanging in my bathroom. when i put it on i look very edwardian. especially when i'm wearing my spectacles and have my hair twisted up like a milkmaid. still i can't wait until spring so that i can wander around wearing the ridiculous thing.

wellidy. it's tougher than it seems composing non sequitors. so. i'll say good night.