i stayed up into the…

by dishpantheism

i stayed up into the wee hours last night making a paper chain for the tree. i used a badly damaged book of victorian poetry. the book itself was not very old but the pages were beautifully foxed and yellowed. the chain turned out quite pretty but i think it isn't long enough. it's raining out now so perhaps i'll sit inside where it's warm and dry and add some more links.

sister and i went into town to do some last minute shopping. i found the coolest children's books from the '20s but i didn't buy them. i did however steal a slip of coleus from a planter outside of sephora. tee hee. it was a lovely visit with the sister. yays!*

when i got home i checked the mail. my glasses have arrived! as expected they make me look very odd indeed. but i think the oddness has an edge of charm. just the way i like it. i can't use my new specs until i have my own lenses installed. the current diopter bespeaks a creature of inhuman myopia. i suspect the previous owner was a very dashing mole.

as i walked home from the post i noticed one of the naked locust trees was harboring a big growth of mistletoe. i promptly stole it. hoorays! now if i just had someone to kiss. i'll have to surfeit my need with cuddles from sister and nephews and nieces. or perhaps less chaste fare if i can wrangle a good-looking stranger. wink. WINK.

brown paper parcels are winging their way across the continent. i have wrapped gifts in brown paper and twine for many years. i don't use tape. just the twine. i really like how it looks. i usually throw in a few colorful wrappings too. i'm partial to paper with holly or pine boughs or abstract prettiness. though once i scored some really awesome swedish paper bedecked with weird christmas fairies. it was nicer than i've just described it. though covered in fairies it wasn't terribly fay.

wellidy. it is time for me to drink this coffee and behead a chocolate santa. he provoked me.


 edit: i also found an amazing dress from the '50s at a shop i once frequented. they're going out of business so i might pop back in there and buy that thing once the price has been reduced considerably. also also i trimmed my bangs last night. i made them far too short. this is what happens when you drink a few too many hard ciders and then apply shears to your hair. nota bene. i spent the afternoon feeling very dorky indeed. strangely over the course of the evening i've formed a real fondness for how it looks. with the addition of specs and the duck boots i'm anticipating on christmas morning i shall really look a sight.