we decorated sister’s tree this…

by dishpantheism

we decorated sister's tree this evening. it was delightful. sister's beau roasted chestnuts. i have roasted them before but mine didn't turn out very good. the chestnuts tonight were fantastic. sister's beau said it was the ex carved into the tops which did it. i think perhaps he was right. mine only had a single slit.

my fingers are pink from cranberry stringing and i smell of popcorn. we didn't finish garlanding the tree in popcorn and cranberries though. it's a slow process this garlanding business. but i like the finished product.

i think tomorrow or the next day i will harvest a tree for myself. i can't find my glass barn owl ornament. but the little german hedgehog is in the box of windfall bird's nests. yays. there are wreaths of snowberry twigs and lichen and rosehips. we will gather wild holly and boughs when i nab my tree. so pretty.

wellidy. time for something hot to drink.