we’re having quite a storm…

by dishpantheism

we're having quite a storm. the wind is roaring around the corner of the house. i can hear the willow tree outside the window whipping about.

very soon i will take the quilt top that my great-grandmother made and quilt it to a backing that i have yet to make. there used to be all manner of quilts she'd made kicking around. over the years some less than careful relatives have destroyed most of them. i've hung onto this quilt top though. it's made of white cotton with an orange and green and red floral design. there are bits of trapunto and my g-grandmother had begun to embroider french knots in places. quite pretty.

i am simultaneously dreading and welcoming the new year. how can that be? it just is. if i look back at december and january posts from this blog and the old one they all seem to say the same thing. my wheels are always spinning. stuck in the mud. i keep rocking my ride hoping it will eventually free itself. i think i feel an extricating momentum. i won't say it with certainty though because i don't like to jinx myself.

think i'm going to revisit some nabokov. it would be better to do so with lebkuchen and tea. especially given the weather. but i'm out of tea and am lebkuchenless. darn it.