along highway 41 there were…

by dishpantheism

along highway 41 there were fields of haulm from cotton crops. the ditches were white with stray bolls. the rushes along the aqueduct were golden. egrets stood along the banks. dead stalks of sunflower lined the fences. the prospect would have been very lovely if the light hadn't been so dingy and the atmosphere so pink with smog.

i said farewell to my friend. i thought composure would be attainable considering how completely i'd broken down upon first hearing the news. i was mistaken. but i'm glad i said a proper good bye.

in happier news…

the amaryllis are poking up their heads. tomorrow i will pot up some paperwhites and white freesia. i don't really care if they bloom in time for christmas. i just want to smell them. so good. incidentally i loved this post. the idea of forcing bulbs in hobnail glass had never occurred to me. i love how it looks.

rarely do i link to the many fashion and design blogs i read. i suppose i should start a design blog so that i could fill it with links. anyway. i spend a lot of time perusing etsy and this gal is consistently awesome. i don't know if she blogs outside of etsy but she should!

been enjoying this site thanks to a friendly tip off. :)

and one last thing. been listening to this song compulsively.

01 Much More Than That
Sharon Van Etten

i'm not sure what it is about her voice that has me so bewitched. i just love it. i do have rather a soft spot for lo-fi recordings. maybe that's it. dunno.

wellidy. hold tight to those loved ones.